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Majestic Villa in Old Celtic Village

Built on the gentle hills of Friuli, in an area known for its early Celtic settlement, this 17th century noble residence stands out in all its majesty.

The grand richness of its park and the discreet elegance of its interiors have made it one of the most suited sites for Italian weddings and receptions.

Nice Civil, Symbolic or religious ceremonies can be celebrated in the garden of the Villa or in the main noble and elegant hall with a little balcony that overviews the entire room.

Country Masseria

Location Information:

Surrounded by olive trees and the spectacular Crispiano countryside, on the slopes of the Itria Valley, The Country Masseria is a fascinating 4 star Resort and includes rooms, Restaurant and SPA. 

Built in 1710, it is located in a part of Italy not affected by the changes of the modern age,  inside its walls the atmosphere is peaceful, stunning gardens will make you feel the pureness and freshness of authentic pleasures.

Country Masseria Apulia
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