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Italy Weddings by Settings

Italy Weddings by Settings


A bride’s fancy often concerns perfection: the perfect couple in the perfect place make the perfect day. Wow!!

How many of you cherish the dream of being the princess of a far away land, where history and magic intermingle so that you can tie the love knot inside a chateau, the castle of your dreams, and celebrate the most romantic of weddings? More than one, I bet. Italian castles can meet any taste: locations may vary according to the choice of landscape but also historical period, luxury or discreet charm. It is up to you, whether deciding for an intimate ceremony among the mountains and within the thick stone walls of a sober residence of the 17th century, or rather the age old magnificent park of a more recent building, just as elegantly equipped and period furnished, only a few miles away from the most famous Italian monumental towns, or again, choosing to be the occasional dwellers of an imposing castle located in the green, wide plains of Central Italy, or in a rocky manor perched on the cliffs of  the Italian Riviera, or on the sweet hills of Tuscany rather than in a corner of sunny Apulia…The choice is all yours. Then, choose to make your dream come true.



A Villa wedding is a quite exclusive way to celebrate your very special, truly elegant, perfect day, as the Italian villas offer one of the most sophisticated frames for a unique wedding venue.

Italian villas are a distinctive trait of the countryside, sometimes lost in  lonely, picturesque areas or located in the centre of rich and famous estates; some other times close to monumental towns, though apart from the frenzy of traffic and noise that inevitably marks city life. Often the heritage of a historical past and thoroughly preserved in their artistic value, these noble manors date back to 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, but time hasn’t a bit spoilt their long-lasting appeal. Warm beams of sun rays strike the white stones of the façades and seep through the large glass windows dashing in the wide styled rooms, while lighting the bright green of the fabulous parks that usually surround the building. New-Classical statues and motifs embellish  halls and stairways and endow the elegant frescoed saloons with delicately carved wooded ceilings, and original marble floors suited for gracious wedding dances...Period furniture and location of suites and rooms, where available, allow the most romantic of night stays, while an efficient combination of enchanting sites and  rooted managing profession grant to carry out an unforgettable ceremony. North to South, East to West, there will always be an Italian noble villa to suit your wishes and fulfil your expectations, as if it were especially conceived for you. Don’t be shy, then, and ask for more details... 



In or near a big city

Have you ever fancied of  wedding  pleasure and culture, history and romance, fashion  taste and tradition and combine the whole in a genuine, Italian wedding and honeymoon?

History and culture permeate the famous monumental towns of Italy: buildings oozing past and giving us only the faintest suggestion of what life once was, yet so charming and fascinating as they are usually inserted in the heart of modern cities, thus producing a weird, striking sensation of an uninterrupted blend of past and present.

Discover Rome on the footsteps of the artists that marked Renaissance, and visit all sites connected with that special trend, or decide for a more “ordinary” visit and take the usual touristic path; walk  under the age old arcades at Ponte Vecchio and watch the handycrafts arranged on the stalls of the excited street markets or queue for a ticket at Palazzo Pitti in Florence; take a gondola ride with rower and singer or be amazed by the luxury of the treasures in Venetian S. Mark’s; tour the city of Turin on the quest of its Royal Savoy heritage or just watch and join the night life in the main squares; admire the “fin de siecle” on the imposing buildings of Via Montenapoleone or sit for a drink at the Gallery bar and admire the strong Gothic features of the Cathedral in doubt, history will be all over, and  you will even feel it inside, like a thrill, like a song, like a part of you...Any Italian city or town will be intimately unveiled if only visitors are willing to search, understand and learn the thousand of microscopic hints that feature city life, and the best thread  will always concern tradition and folklore as the right keys to success!

Wine & Countryside setting


Postcards showing enchanting corners of the Italian countryside only give you hints of a fabulous and varied landscape: romantic weddings are daily celebrated here, among hills and plains, on the greenest lawns, in charming little chapels of old times or in beautiful villas and castles that spot and enrich the land with the luxury of their perfect gardens and the notable art of their frescoed halls.

Never ending fields of gold, rich green grapevines, wide plains with blossoming cherry trees, apple trees, pear trees and the white flowers of almonds, the terraced estates of olive trees, sometimes a small winding stream rich with trouts where a generation of aged anglers spend most of their day in an uninterrupted economy of words; large and small sized farmhouses, all perfectly equipped and endowed with the most advanced machinery, yet preserving the ancient air of those days when they were the only means of granting a living…

Medieval hamlets, winding roads, tracks among the woods and vines, farmhouses and houses made of stone: this is a fascinating journey around a small ancient world.

A friendly area in which people like to get together and just talk, a place where any visitor will be struck by the heartily welcome of the inhabitants, therefore creating an ambience from which any urban hurry is banned and make the trip a voyage in the memory of tradition and folklore.

The climate is mainly mild, often softened by the breeze coming from the sea.

The summer  shows a sea of grapevines under a warm sun, while in winter many local events allow to join extra-ordinary people, mainly grape growers, who love to tell about magic yet real experiences with their land and fruits.

Have you ever figured out what could make your Italian wedding unique? The answer might be concealed in the choice of a theme, which is the detail that most strikes you about the country. Select a list but don’t forget that Italy is world wide famous for  fashion and cousine, which Italians have made their pride. Local agriculture is the large barn which stores plain yet indispensable ingredients: olive oil, herbs and wheat, but also cheese and wine. Viticulture is an Italian age old art, and grapevines cover the land from North to South, but all productions vary for quality and quantity, as the ever-changing territory and climate undoubtedly mark the differences of the delicious liquid.

Wine Regions combine the exquisite view of a hilly, green and incredibly tidy territory, where seasons mark the flowing of time with incessant precision, with the secrets of a “smaller” Italy, mostly made of enchanting towns and villages scarcely mentioned in travel guide books, yet worth a visit, as they embody the real soul of the average Italian life.



Seaside or Lake Setting

“Italy is the country of the sun and the sea..” goes a very famous Italian song, and it truly mirrors reality. Italian seaside resorts are among the most interesting and beautiful ones in Europe as well as Mediterranean weddings are listed among the most involving and moving ceremonies as far as warmth and colourful side events.

The special setting allows the organization of outdoor ceremonies, and seaside sites are often a blend of sea and mid-mountain areas that combine breath-taking views from the cliffs  with the softer tones of a private shore, the white foam of the waves in the most invitating of seas, with the peculiar Mediterranean vegetation of a bougainvillea clinging on the outer city walls, or on the iron gates of small Arabian shaped houses in the heart of southern villages; or the pulsing core of city life and its imposing monuments with the intimacy of a private, elegant beach in an exclusive hotel; or the typical line of striped umbrellas geometrically arranged on the public shore along the Adriatic Sea, with the thinness of its grains of sand, and the nice warmth of the water that makes you instantly feel good... Large equipped areas, exclusive hotels, elegant manors and noble palaces, villas and castles will sure meet any request while displaying some among the most romantic settings of the Old Continent.

Calmer waters flow around Italy’s lakes, where the three-clad mountains tumble sheer into clear blue waters. Traditional summer refuge for Europe’s aristocracy, these lakeshores are home to pillared palaces of breath-taking grace and beauty, built in the heyday of classical values and cultured living, thus being counted among the most suited settings for either civil and catholic weddings. Lake weddings may not be so popular, yet they are certainly discreet.

Italian lakes spot the land like gems of deep emerald green, lighter hues being the feature of those icy, calm waters of the mountain area, whereas a more intense blue brush is the main trait of warmer southern lakes. What’s more is the intimate peace that a lake area usually evokes: the rich green vegetation around, the unique atmosphere of fading lights along the lake line at night, the pure breeze arousing from the soft waves, the sound of silence pacing with your hearts…



Mountain setting

Never thought of combining a picturesque, elegant, surprising Italian wedding and honeymoon? Don’t miss the following suggestions for a unique event!

Italian mountain settings have a world wide fame: besides the wide range of  alpine resorts that very few other countries can compare as far as number, beauty, elegance, equipment and high quality standard, less known winter sites on the Apennines can count on the same positive features and on as many facilities.

Just imagine to be surprised by the first autumn snow while strolling along the narrow, winding streets in one of these towns, and watch how the gentle fall deeply and silently transforms the landscape and turns it into a dreamy white view...Winter flowers on the characteristic wooden balconies get slowly covered by a soft immaculate mantle as much as the peculiar slanting roofs, while walking paths and whole woods of pine trees get quickly concealed under the most striking of white covers..All in a sudden voices and noises are softened and you can HEAR the muffled sound of silence. Here Christmas is one of the most involving periods of the year: little but elegant white lights adorn the flanks of the buildings and artistically hang under arcades and connect lampposts on the main streets;  carton or plastic Santas and cherubs playfully greet and smile from the shop windows and ornated ceilings; ethnic compositions of natural and red straw with gold silk ribbons and lines of fake light pearls are artfully displayed in bars and restaurants; Christmas melodies echoed in the decorated town centres and cheer up the spirits of both young and old visitors that once in a while feel compelled to join the carols and share the involving glee; theme  street markets sell unique handcrafted Christmas trimmings and homemade cookies and candies..  Nonetheless, every season is the right season, and there is plenty good reasons to decide for a relaxing walk in the autumn woods and watch the tree leaves turn from green to red and yellow or witness the blossoming of gems in springtime, while breathing the finest and purest air and feeling at most ease..According to many reliable opinions mountain settings are a real nourishment for heart, body and soul...I would recommend not to forget taste: local gastronomy and wine savouring deserve more than a chance.