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Medieval Castle in the heart of Friuli

Medieval Castle in the heart of Friuli

23 bedrooms
Nearest Train Station: 
15 minutes
Nearest Airport: 
Trieste: 40 min - Venice: 1 h. and 15 min
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Location Information

Built as a fortress in the Xth century in the middle of the green countryside of central Friuli, in an enchanting, suitable area for élite weddings, this castle went through destruction and consequent restoration for years, until it was turned into a noble residence therefore losing its initial mainly defensive purpose.

 The sturdy stone walls are softened by the presence of several vaulted windows and different openings that convey a gracious idea of architectural movement, though maintaining the sober features of the Roman style. Outdoor receptions are framed with the open, flourishing countryside and recall memories of past traditional royal ceremonies among the yellow gold of the fields, yet within the thick walls of the estate.

The Castle today is still lived in by the Countess  that will open the doors of her home to you and your guests. She also likes to host in the quietness of the inner walls of the Castle VIP’s that come visit the area.


Sumptuous rooms and halls enriched with original 17th century frescoes, crenellated walls, patrol trenches, different towers of varying heights and a stronghold, and last but not least, the  picturesque drawbridge, all convey a Middle Age princely atmosphere blended with the modern comfort of an exclusive venue that can rely on the efficiency and discreet professionalism of your event planners.

Receptions & ceremony

Beautiful royal dinners can be served in one of the original halls and salons. Summertime allows outdoor banquets in the two private courtyards. Magnificent symbolic ceremonies can be performed onsite.


In the last couple of years n. 23 double mini suites have been made available for about 46 people. All fully furnished with period furniture and unique style with view of the garden of the Castle or of the surrounding hills.

Nearby B&B accommodation for the remaining portion of the Wedding guests or nice hotels are available in Udine at less than 15 minutes by car.